Pure Coffee Pleasure

Coffee is tastful, Coffee is exciting, Coffee askes for more explanation and Coffee combines dreams and adventures. But Coffee is also aware of the environmental impact and what to do about it.

Pure Coffee Pleasure

The Pool has explored the boundaries of native content to tell and explain the true & exciting story of JAVA Coffee. The Belgian family business (since 1935) were ready to reveal some well kept secrets in several native articles in well chosen Online & printed media. 

By combining the most aromatic titles of Mediahuis and Roularta we were able to reach the right audience with a humble and well spent budget. Telling the story, engaging the audience and creating possibilities for passionate advertisers, that is our job.

Example Libelle: We learn to know CEO Kathleen Claes in another way. She has surprised us with her product knowledge, her passion for the bean and for the environment. But sustainability and climate neutral are 2 key words in a ongoing process of coffee making.